Event: 4th ICEED 2020 Free Webinar, on 10 Nov 2020

IBPSA-Singapore is the Co-Host of the 4th International Conference on Eco Engineering Development (ICEED) 2020, on 10-11 November 2020, organised by Binus University, Jakarta.  

As IBPSA-Singapore members, you are entitled to attend the one day webinar (FREE), with details as follows:

Event Time:                             Tuesday, 10 November 2020 / 9am – 5pm (SG Time) or 8am – 4pm (Jakarta Time)

Venue:                                    Online Seminar (to be sent few days before the event date)

Registration: https://bit.ly/ICEED2020

Conference Website: https://engineering.binus.ac.id/iceed/

In this conference, Dr Kang Chang Wei, Deputy Director of Fluid Dynamics department of IHPC, A*Star will be one of the keynote speakers, with the abstract of his talk is shown below:

Title: Dispersion of Evaporating Cough Droplets in Tropical Environment


During a respiratory event, in this case, a cough, virus laden droplets and aerosols are expelled from an infected person’s mouth. Respiratory droplets/aerosols’ dynamical behaviour shows the competing effects between drag, inertia, gravity and evaporation. The droplet in-flight characteristics and final destination are affected by a range of factors and interdependent interaction between them. It includes complex flow phenomena, from turbulent jets, flow-induced droplets/aerosols dispersion and sedimentation, to droplet evaporation and deposition. Modelling and simulation-based fundamental thermo-fluid physics could provide accurate insight and visualise the droplets/aerosols dynamics and spread process. A*STAR Institute of High Performance Computing (IHPC)’s Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) framework includes but not limited to expulsion force of fluid volume, droplet/aerosol size distribution, evaporation of water from the droplet (temperature and humidity dependent), and viral load in the droplet. Utilising this computational framework, quantifying droplets falling on human subjects will be assessed. It allows risk-based analysis across different configurations and scenarios. The fundamental knowledge of the underlying physics, together with use cases will be shared in this talk.

For enquires on program and registration matters,  please feel free to contact Dr. George XU by email: xuxg@ihpc.a-star.edu.sg.

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